Padstow Bedroom Furniture

Ivory-painted bed frame
Padstow Bed
Available in Double and King size
£499 – £599
2-drawer ivory-painted bedside table with oak top
Padstow Bedside Table
W40 × D37 × H54 cm
Ivory 3-drawer chest with oak top
Padstow 3 Drawer Chest
W85 × D45 × H85 cm
2-door ivory-painted wardrobe
Padstow Double Wardrobe
W94 × D55 × H185 cm
3-door ivory wardrobe with oak top
Padstow Triple Wardrobe
W135 × D55 × H185 cm

Named after the coastal town on the south coast of England, the Padstow collection infuses seaside vibes into any and every bedroom – combining its white finish with natural wood influences and a panelled effect which is both warm and rustic but also stylishly modern with regards to its colour scheme and simplicity. Read more…

The decision to construct each piece with a warm white frame and solid piece of natural wood across the top, connects each furnishing in the collection and creates a cohesive finish – while also ensuring that each piece is simple enough that it can integrate well within and amongst other furnishings and finishes.

With an eye for the importance of storage space, the Padstow bedroom collection includes the bed frame with panelled headboard and angular white legs and a main frame, a bedside table, chest of drawers, and two different sized wardrobes to facilitate different bedrooms and floor plans.

The main shape of each piece is angular with sharp corners, however the addition of the natural wood across the top surface of each piece softens the overall aesthetic and ensures a warm finish to compliment the relaxing setting of a bedroom.

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