Padma Bedroom Furniture

Acacia wood bedroom furniture

Proof that natural wood furniture doesn’t have to be boring, the Padma collection draws on the design impact of different types of wood at creating and presenting different moods and environments – while also combining the effect of smooth surfaces and ridges designs, mixed layering, and the impact of statement handles and details to elevate the final aesthetic.

Grey stained acacia wood bed frame
Padma Parquet Bed Frame, Double, Grey
2 drawer acacia wood bedside table with round brass handles
Padma 2 Drawer Bedside Table
Finished with tactile vertical and horizontal rib pattern drawers, adorned with round brass handles
W35 × D42 × H59 cm
Acacia bedside cabinet
Padma 1 Door Parquet Bedside Table
An alternative bedside option with a drawer and cupboard.
W38 × D45 × H65 cm
Acacia drawer chest
Padma 3 Drawer Chest
A set of 3 wide drawers mounted on a slender brass-effect metal frame.
W94 × D45 × H86 cm
3 x 3 acacia drawer chest
Padma 6 Drawer Chest
A 3+3 drawer unit with wooden feet and large brass handles.
W138 × D45 × H88 cm
5 drawer tallboy chest
Padma 5 Drawer Tallboy Chest
A stack of 5 drawers in one compact unit
Available in brown/brass or grey/nickel.
W45 × D55 × H128 cm
Double wardrobe with wide drawer
Padma Double Wardrobe with 1 Drawer
A double hanging space and a wide drawer in the base.
Available in brown with brass handles or grey with nickel handles.
W110 × D60 × H190 cm

Whether you opt for the softer oak, the deep acacia wood, or the grey-toned wash finish, each piece in this collection feels high end and luxurious – supported by the thickset structure of the bed frame and the addition of the brass details across the other furnishings which adds an industrial and elegant finish to each piece.

Built to last, these pieces are heavy but sturdy, with the polished outer surfaces all able to withstand the wear and tear of regular daily use.

The collection has been specially designed to all work together without feeling overwhelming, with the small details like the brass surface on the side table creating juxtaposing textures and colours which compliment each other subtly.

Consider placing these pieces in a light and bright modern bedroom for a clean finish or integrate them against rich and warm greens and oranges for an Italian villa vibe.

The Padma Bedroom Furniture range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners

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