Habitat Nomad Bedroom Furniture

Dark oak bedside table with open shelf and single drawer
Habitat Nomad Bedside Table
W40× D40 × H57 cm
Dark oak 3-drawer chest
Nomad 3 Drawer Chest
W80× D80 × H39 cm
Dark oak 2 door wardrobe
Habitat Nomad 2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe
W80× D56 × H185 cm
Dark oak 3-drawer wardrobe
Habitat Nomad 3 Door 4 Drawer Wardrobe
W118× D56 × H185 cm

Minimalist furnishings, which embody the rustic and natural design of the wooden frame but with added metal details for a modern finish, the Habitat Nomad collection is designed with bedrooms in mind. Read more…

The presentation of natural wood and a neutral slate grey metal frame means that this collection can integrate and compliment any surrounding colour scheme and room design, while the diverse assortment of furnishings available means that there is a storage solution for all spaces and individual rooms.

Featuring a bedside table, chest of drawers, and two different wardrobe units with both a compact and a larger size available, the combination of open shelving and concealed drawers ensures that there is a home for all your possessions – and plenty of surface space on which to display your accessories and decorative pieces.

Despite being made with a natural wood top layer and manufactured wood throughout, these furnishings are incredibly stable and durable – boasting the added benefit of being super lightweight for ease of movement and adjustment. Invest in the whole collection for a cohesive and rustic space or select a standout item to integrate within your broader interior style.

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