Grasmere Drawers & Wardrobes

Wardrob and draweer chests with oak effect surrounds and grey doors/drawer fronts
A collection of bedroom furnishings which prioritise storage, enveloped slate grey drawer and door fronts into a wood-effect main frame…
Grey/oak 3-drawer bedside
Grasmere 3 Drawer Bedside Table – Fully Assembled
W43 × D43 × H71 cm
3+3 drawer chest with oak surround and grey drawer fronts
Grasmere 3+3 Drawer Chest – Fully Assembled
W126 × D43 × H71 cm
Grey/oak 2-door wardrobe with 2 drawers
Grasmere 2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe – Fully Assembled
Features a double-width hanging space with rail and a pair of drawers mounted on metal runners
W81 × D52 × H185 cm
Grey/oak 2 door wardrobe with 2 drawers and a mirror
Grasmere 2 Door 2 Drawer Mirror Wardrobe – Fully Assembled
Comes with a fixed shelf and hanging rail, a pair of drawers and a mirror
W81 × D52 × H195 cm
4-door grey and oak wardrobe with 2 mirrors
Grasmere 4 Door 2 Mirror Wardrobe – Fully Assembled
Features a pair of mirrored doors, 2 hanging rails and 2 fixed shelves
W155 × D52 × H185 cm

Bedroom furniture is becoming increasingly difficult to select, as designers and interior specialists seek to drive buyers towards items which minimise the use of floor space while delivering an aesthetic which is standout, and which turns even the simplest of furnishings into a feature. Read more…

With slate grey frontage and a wood effect surrounding frame, each furnishing in the Grasmere bedroom collection infuses texture into the environment – whether traditional, eclectic, or minimalist and modern.

The simple design, which utilises a three dimensional bar-style handle on both drawer and wardrobe door fronts, renders this collection suitable for any setting, meaning that homeowners can purchase a single storage solution or invest in a whole set to present a cohesive aesthetic.

The addition of mirrors on the external doors of the larger three and four-door wardrobes means that these furnishings are just as functional as they are stylish, while the strong and durable base frame delivers optimum safety throughout the collection.

The Grasmere set of drawers and wardrobes includes a number of items which all follow the same basic structure and pattern but with different capacities and internal storage spaces.

Best of all, many of the furnishings arrive fully assembled which allows homeowners to start using them straight away without worrying about complex instructions.

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