Restoration Clothes Rail with Shelves

Open wardrobe with 2 wooden shelves and a grey metal frame
Clothes Rail with Shelves, Antique Grey
W81 × D34 × H182 cm

Bedroom storage can be difficult to balance, particularly when it comes to clothes and finding a way to provide quick and easy access to clothes without them ruining the aesthetic of the room.

Storage rails have long been a simple yet convenient solution for rooms and spaces without wardrobes and other units – however, the Restoration clothes rail takes this one step further by integrating a frame and shelves both above and below the rail.

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A clothes rail provides homeowners with the convenience of clothes and outfits which they can see, which don’t take up as much space as wardrobes and chest of drawers, and which are more eclectic and vibrant in the bedroom.

For a modern room with little colour and décor, an open clothes rail acts as part of the decoration, while the added shelves on this unit double as functional display surfaces.

This unit is tall enough that it can hold full length items, with two shelves on the bottom for accessories and shoes – as well as an additional surface along the top for added storage and décor.

The unit is made from a simple grey metal, with the frame and shelves topped with a wood-effect surface to tie in with your bedroom aesthetic.

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