Open Wardrobes

Pine frame 3-section open wardrobe unit
Habitat Flicka Triple Rail Wardrobe Set
A triple solid wooden wardrobe unit with hanging rails and lightweight metal shelves
W240 × D179 × H50 cm
£255 from argos
All white open wardrobe with hanging rails and shelves
HOMCOM Double Mobile Open Wardrobe
3-section wardrobe with a pair of hanging rails and a set of shelves
W120 × D40 × H128 cm
Available from amazon
Metal frame open wardrobe with 2 hanging rails and wooden shelves
Double 2 Rail 4 Shelf Wardrobe
A sturdy white painted metal frame holding a pair of clothes rails and 4 wooden shelves
W90 × D40 × H213 cm
£85 from argos
All white open wardrobe with two hanging rails and open shelves
Open Decorative Wardrobe Unit
An all white unit with two hanging rails and a set of open shelves
W100 × D45 × H180 cm
£100 from argos

Are you one of those people who constantly cycles the same few items of clothing, forgetting about the vast quantities of alternative items that you own?
Having an open wardrobe is one of the best ways of not only making your different clothes and outfits more accessible, but also making sure that they are highly visible; on show for you to see, choose from, and enjoy. Read more…

What’s more, an open wardrobe becomes a focal point of your bedroom or dressing room in its own right, adding colour and unique personality to your home with ease.

In terms of design, open wardrobes are incredibly simple and as such can be factored into any space. These units typically include an outer frame and a series of hanging rails, with stacked shelves available across those larger units where you want to combine shelving space and hanging space.

Some have closed sides and a backboard to keep the clothes contained, while others are simply open from all angles.

With designs and options which range from vast and oversized wardrobe walls to smaller and more contained pieces, the beauty of open wardrobes is the way that they bridge convenience and simple, elegant style.

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