Wrought Iron Beds

Black painted iron bed frame
A range of traditional iron-framed beds, available with a cream or black painted finsih…
Black painted iron bed frame with low end
Sophie Iron King Size Bed Frame
W155 × D210 × H134 cm
Black painted iron day bed
Sophie Iron Day Bed Frame
W200 × D95 × H134 cm
Black painted iron bed frame with high foot end
Lily Iron King Size Bed Frame
W155 × D210 × H134 cm
Iron day bed frame
Lily Iron Day Bed Frame
W200 × D95 × H134 cm
Traditional wrought iron beds present a complex mix of ornate detail and very simple finishes – combining the timeless black metal frame with a number of small design elements which inject some aesthetic design and interior value into each area of the bed frame. Read more…

The bed knobs are sat upon simple but detailed holsters, which mimic the rounded joints that connect the horizontal frame pieces with those that run vertically along the headboard and baseboard of the frame.

As you browse the full collection, you will notice that the different pieces offer slightly different shapes and finishes in term of the layout of the frame – some boasting curved edges while others are more geometric in their pattern and style.

There is even a daybed available in the collection, which doubles as a seat with three-sided backrest support for comfort.

The difference in height between the headboard and baseboard is both functional and aesthetic, providing a backrest for those who like to sit up in bed and ensuring that the bed instantly becomes the centrepiece of the bedroom.

Despite being completely monotone in colour, the versatile and timeless look of this wrought iron bed means that it can be paired with your choice of bedspread and soft furnished accessories.

And it’s not just available in black. If you’re after something with a touch of modern flair, this bed is available with a cream frame finish.

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