Spindle Storage Bed

Oak storage bed with spindle headboard
Spindle Storage Bed Frame, Double, Oak
Spindle bed oak drawer
Proper solid wood drawers with concealed handles and castors for ease of opening

The 100% oak wood finish around the exterior of this Spindle Storage bed gives it an impressive look and instantly makes this the focal point of any bedroom – however, this bed is not just a pretty decoration for a modern home.

Aside from packing a punch with its oak finish, the build of this bed is built with optimum functionality in mind – with storage drawers built into the base of the bed, made from a mix of MDF and plywood as well as oak to ensure that each section is lightweight and easily accessible. Read more…

The drawers are set into one side of the bed frame, with three drawers in total which, when closed, sit flush against the side of the bed and seamlessly integrate into the solid look of the frame.

The drawers are large in terms of how far back they sit and their overall depth, and so they are ideal for storing extra bedding and blankets. Best of all, with a concealed handle cut into the top of the drawers, your storage remains hidden.

Other notable features of this bed include the vertical slats which draw attention to the headboard, and the solid base slat which really highlights and natural staining and patterned design of the oak wood.

Spindle Storage Bed Frame, DoubleW150 × D204 × H105 cm£1,099
Spindle Storage Bed Frame, King SizeW165 × D214 × H105 cmtba
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