Luxury Natural Collection Hemp Mattresses

Luxury mattress

With an emphasis on sustainability across the retail market, and with more customers than ever seeking furnishings and homeware items which provide the experience they want but in an eco-friendly and sustainable way, this selection of luxury hemp mattresses is designed to tick the boxes that consumers have while also providing a high level sleep experience for all buyers.

Hemp Mattress
L190 × W135 × H25 cm
Hemp Mattress
L200 × W150 × H25 cm
Hemp Mattress
Super King
L200 × W180 × H25 cm
This collection has been designed with both the quality of a great night’s sleep, and the importance of sustainable material sourcing and manufacturing in mind, working to create a solution which appeals across the market and is accessible as well as affordable. Read more…

Combining the eco-friendly fillings with luxury outer fabrics, and with close attention paid to the tension of the mattress and the impact of the tension on sleepers of different weights and sleep positions, this range is one of the easier collections for customers to browse in terms of identifying its benefits and finding exactly what they need.

Not to mention, the natural fabric across each mattress in the collection is both cooling and breathable, with a range of sizes available for different bed frames and bedroom sizes.

All you need now are some luxury bedsheets to match, and a blackout blind to curate your perfect sleep setting.

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