Halston Metal Bed

Single metal bed frame with a copper finish
Halston Metal Bed Single, Copper
W101 × D200 × H113 cm
Metal double bed frame with a black-painted finish
Halston Metal Bed King Size, Black
W161 × D210 × H113 cm

With so many extravagant and elaborate bed frames out there, finding something simple can be difficult. The Halston metal bed lends itself to a modern bedroom, while bringing in elements of a more traditional design in the form of the colour palette and joins throughout the framework. Read more…

Available in black or a copper coloured metal, the former boasting a matte finish while the latter is more metallic and shinier, homeowners can match the surrounding space with the most complimentary material – while also adding texture to the space with ease.

The frame of these beds is set high, meaning that the space underneath the bed is open and ideal for storage.

Meanwhile, the headboard and baseboard mimic each other in terms of design, with a subtle rounded shape which highlights the ornate joints and makes the bed a focal point for your bedroom.

One of the benefits of opting for the Halston metal bed is the durability of a metal frame and the simple fact that both the black and copper finishes can compliment any surrounding space.

Adding your own bed linen and accessories will ensure that this bed integrates seamlessly into the design of your bedroom – with this frame truly lasting a lifetime!

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