Charlotte Upholstered Beds

With a classic shape, solid structure, and variety of fabrics which combine different colours and textures for the perfect finish, the Charlotte upholstered bed is the answer to all your bedroom needs – presenting homeowners with a simple look that can be tailored according to their colour scheme and design plan. Read more…

Sat atop four curved and delicately shaped legs, this bed frame is available in a number of fabrics which range from soft touch velvet to more durable chenille blends, a cool and light linen, and even a popular wool-blend.

Each of the fabrics boast their own selection of colours, ranging from pastels and neutral shades to deeper shades and more vibrant colour mixes which add life and energy to the bedroom.

One of the key selling points for buyers is the sturdy and structured frame of this bed, with its subtle curve around the headboard and the single layer surrounding base which protects the mattress and creates a continuous flow of colour and texture around the exterior of the bed.

Add to that the slatted mattress base and the mix of lightweight and durable framing materials, and you have a bed which is made to last, and which will compliment any bedroom theme and interior space.

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