Avelon Fabric Storage TV Bed

Grey fabric upholstered storage bed
Avelon Fabric Side Lift Ottoman Storage TV Bed
Available in Double or King Size
From £1,429 plus delivery
Grey fabric bed with built-in tv stand
The foot of the bed has a lift-up storage space suitable for TVs up to 42-inches wide.
Grey fabric bed with side lift storage base
Access the storage space beneath with the lift-up base which is secured with gas lift dampers.

Furnishing and dressing a spare bedroom can be challenging, particularly when you want to be able to present a comfortable and stylish spare bedroom for guests to stay in, while also optimising the use of space for your own benefit when the bed stays empty.

The Avelon Fabric Storage TV Bed provides a solution which blends the comfort of a bed with the technology of a modern smart home, storing a television of up to 42 inches within the foot of the bed and offering a collection of additional features including built-in speakers, USB charging ports, Bluetooth to connect your music system, and a mechanism which allows the TV to be automatically raised for use or concealed. READ MORE…

The bed can also be purchased complete with a complimentary memory foam mattress or as a plain bed frame to tailor to your own preferences.

Beneath the mattress base you will find that the inner workings of the bed are hollowed out for additional storage, whether you look to store spare bedding, shoes, boxes, or games consoles and other technology accessories for future use.

All in all, this is a bed which ticks the boxes of comfort and style while putting a heavy emphasis on functionality and the best way of optimising the way the bed can be used – allowing even the smallest of spare rooms to benefit from plenty of storage.

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