Humphrey Bathroom Furniture

Give your bathroom a modern makeover with this collection of wood-based furniture – celebrating the simple and rustic grandeur of natural wood pieces to contradict the clean white surfaces of your bathroom facilities.

Mango undersink cabinet
Humphrey Bathroom Undersink Unit
W60 × D29 × H60 cm
Mango single door corner cabinet
Humphrey Bathroom Corner Unit
W32 × D25 × H101 cm
Mango bathroom tallboy
Humphrey Bathroom Tall Mirrored Cabinet
W32 × D29 × H181 cm
With a mango wood effect surface finish and slatted design, the overall look of each piece is soft and relaxing- creating a similar vibe to that you might get from a natural wellbeing spa. Read more…

The full collection ticks all the boxes you need for a bathroom with plenty of storage and versatile surface space – with an under sink unit, a tall, mirrored cabinet, and a corner unit with both concealed and open shelving space.

Each piece in the collection is built on a sturdy mango wood frame and uses a slatted panelling effect to really celebrate the aesthetic of the natural wood surface.

As you explore each piece you will notice that there are no handles for the drawers or cabinets – rather they can be opened and accessed via gaps in the top of the door and drawer structures.

This creates a seamless and one-dimensional finish which ensures your bathroom furnishings sit neatly and ensure that relaxing spa-like atmosphere is present throughout the space.

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