Michelle Keegan Home Genuine Sheepskin Rugs

Blush pink sheepskin rug
Genuine Sheepskin Single Rug – Blush
L95 × W65 cm
£59.99 plus delivery
Blush pink double size sheepskin rug
Genuine Sheepskin Double Rug – Blush
L175 × W50 cm
£119.99 plus delivery
Extra large blush pink sheepskin rug
Genuine Sheepskin Quad Rug
L160 × W50 cm
£269.99 plus delivery

Sheepskin is a stylish and often overlooked material for home decorating, which not only presents a warm and aesthetically pleasing finish but is also long lasting and durable against signs of wear and tear – making it perfect for a family home.

This particular collection of genuine sheepskin rugs comes in three different colours, allowing you to pick your favourite according to your interior style and design scheme. READ MORE…

While the blush pink and mint both work seamlessly within a very modern space with lots of white and neutral colours surrounding the rug, the navy blue option perfectly compliments a traditional home.

As well as looking stylish and inviting, these sheepskin rugs offer a thick pile finish with unmatched comfort and warmth for the feet – making them the perfect addition to your living space or bedroom.

The rugs are also finished in the unique shape of a genuine skin which makes each one slightly different – offering character and a sense of rustic charm to your home.

Existing customers herald the Michelle Keegan collection of sheepskin rugs for its high quality and luxurious finish, as well as the varied choice of colours which means every homeowner can select the perfect match for their own space.

The collection comes in three different sizes, from a single sheepskin to a double, up to a quadruple size.

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