Temple L-Shape Desk With Storage

Oak and white desk with right-angle worktop
Temple L Shape Desk With Storage
W120 × D55 × H75 cm
£449 plus delivery

The epitome of modern design is a furnishing or item which can be adjusted and altered in line with each individual user’s needs – and this desk is no different.

Boasting a two-pronged construction which blends together a storage base and a straight-forward table at the optimum standard desk height, this desk is perfect for a corner office space or for maximising the way you use a corner of your office.

Oak and white storage desk with right-angled workspace
The desk can be arranged in left or right-handed format to suit the space you have available.

Whether you configure this desk with a left or right L-shape, the usability and accessibility of both the plain surface space and the storage is the same, making each drawer and cabinet easy to open and close as you please. READ MORE…

The fact that the two sides of the L-shape are set at different heights also means that you have access to more overall surface space, while the storage unit combines open shelving with closed cabinets – giving you space for private documents as well as those possessions you want to celebrate and display.

The entire desk structure is made from a wooden-style of material, with the natural surfaces juxtaposed with the pure white painted legs and cabinet outer edging.

This keeps the aesthetic light and bright, allowing your desk to integrate seamlessly within a modern living or workspace.

With the perfect desk in place, all that matters now is the work you bring to life on your new desk!

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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