Case Swing Desk With Storage

Oak and white desk with right-angled work surface
Case Swing Desk With Storage
W106 × D42 × H75 cm
£419 plus delivery

When it comes to creating a workspace amid the realms of a busy home, the Case Swing desk is the perfect solution – blending minimalist design with an adjustable desk that swings out and becomes an L-shaped workspace as required.

Oak/white desk unde rthe satircase
The desk section pivots over the storage unit to enable compact storage in the smallest of spaces.
Made with a mix of natural wood material and a lightweight white boarding to cover the cabinet and drawers, this swing desk benefits from the addition of wheels at the base of the moving section – making the desk highly accessible and easy to adapt for any user. READ MORE…

The desk itself benefits from two different segments, one sitting a little higher than the other in order to maximise the amount of surface space which is free to be used.

The moving part of the desk is the top level, while the base is a storage unit perfect for keeping hold of all your work papers, stationary, and other possessions.

This storage unit offers a selection of different options, including open shelving, a concealed drawer, and an open cabinet which has an added sliding door in the lightweight white material.

One of the best things about this desk for a modern home is the ability to quickly and easily swing the L-shape in on itself – layering the two sections to create one unit. This reduces the amount of space taken up by the desk when it’s not being used, making it an ideal solution for a home which does not have the luxury of a dedicated office space or room.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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