Apex Tv Stand

When it comes to presenting your television, there are a number of factors that you need to consider – namely the selection of a suitable and sturdy stand, at the right height, and made from materials which suit your interior space, and which finish the room in an aesthetically pleasing way. READ MORE…

The Apex TV stand is one such piece which is designed to tick all of those boxes, offering a low height but broad surface with a built-in lower shelf, finished with a glass top and a wooden lower structure for a stylish, minimalist, and homely appearance.

The broad surface on the top of the stand is particularly important in this piece because it allows homeowners to benefit from placing their television with complete balance – while the lower shelf provides a surface on which to store all the accessories which bring your television usage to life.

The curved edges of the stand perfectly juxtapose the angular corners of a modern home, while the soft wooden finish and glass top means that this stand can fit into any design scheme regardless of your home style – proof that natural materials can blend seamlessly with the more modern choice of glass furnishings, to give the room a polished and elegant finish.

Spacious and strong, this TV stand can also be used to store other items, with homeowners typically optimising the lower shelf by placing their favourite movies and even photo frames along the front to present their perfect home aesthetic.

Part of the ANYDAY range at John Lewis & Partners

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