west elm Tanner Hemlock Tables

When it comes to selecting and integrating wood furnishings, most manufacturers and designs will opt for a natural finish – allowing the colours of the grain to create the patterns and textures.

The West Elm Tanner Hemlock table collection does something a little different, embracing a pure black surface colour across its coffee table and matching side table – without impacting or reducing the importance of the grain or natural texture of the wood. READ MORE…

The end result is a furnishing collection which, far from concealing the beauty of natural wood, enhances it further and really allows the tables to become the centrepiece in the room – drawing the eye with the black colour and then using the texture to juxtapose the smooth edges of modern home living and interior design.

The underside of both tables in the collection are equally as striking, moving away from standard table legs and using a sweeping curve to create beauty in the open space beneath the table.

While this certainly isn’t a coffee table or side table for extra storage, it is one which makes for the perfect focal point in your living space – and which offers sufficient surface for entertaining or relaxing in front of the TV.

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