Semi-Circle Side Table

2-tier black-painted side table
Semi-Circle Side Table
W29 × D40 × H58 cm

From adding some extra storage space to your bedroom to integrating different shapes into a modern living room, the semi-circle side table collection uses two-layered structures to optimise the use of floorspace and present a furnishing which is both decorative and highly useful no matter where it is used in the home.

Black painted 2-tier side table
Semi-Circle Side Table, Black
The beauty of this two-layered creation is that there are two surfaces to use – one set low to the ground and the other a little higher up. This grants access and eases up accessibility when sitting and standing, whether used in a living area or private bedroom space. READ MORE…

The build quality of the side tables is remarkably simple, with a black frame complimented by a black coated surface in one design and a more natural wood-look finish in another.

Using lowkey and neutral colours, the side tables can be accessorised and dressed up however you choose – and can seamlessly work within and against any interior backdrop or designed room.

Built to last, one of the top selling points of these tables is the way the semi-circle shape sits flush against a wall, protruding into the room in a broad sweep. A diverse, stylish, and simple home accessory.

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