Arabella Mirrored Tables

Angular edges and bright, mirrored surfaces come together to create the Arabella mirrored table collection – an example of how modern living can use and spotlight the simplicity of the surrounding space and environment by reflecting it back into the room.

Multi-faceted mirrored side table
Arabella Mirrored Side Table
H61 × Dia.50 cm
Multi-faceted mirrored coffee table
Arabella Coffee Table
H41 × Dia.75 cm
An ideal solution for airy interior spaces with lots of natural light, the design and structure of the side table and coffee table means that light which reaches the table is bounced off and reflected in different directions – thus turning your entire home into an ever-changing rainbow of light. Read more…

If that’s not enough for you in terms of aesthetic drama and opulence, the elegant diamond shapes which are formed from the upended triangles of mirrored material means that the tables instantly give off a luxurious and high quality finish – making them the perfect statement and centre piece for any room in the home.

Despite looking fragile to the touch, these tables are designed to be used as surfaces and thus boast a durable and long lasting exterior which supports and holds all manner of accessories and decorative items.

The subtle feet underneath the flush base of the table hold it slightly aloft and protect the floor underneath

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