Leighton Leather Sofas

If you’re in the market for a leather recliner but have been put off by the cost the Leighton range by Violino may be the answer? Available as an armchair, 2 & 3 seater sofa or a corner unit, each has a reclining option (manual or powered) and is upholstered in a combination of real leather and matching faux leather in order to keep the cost down.

Leather sofa corner unit
Violino Leighton Leather/Faux Leather Reclining Corner Group Sofa in Black or Chocolate
A space-saving corner unit with a recliner at each end.
W239 x D239 x H96cm
£2,249 (plus delivery)
2-seater leather recliner
Leighton Leather/Faux Leather 2-Seater Recliner Sofa
A compact 2-seater with reclining action.
W150 x D91 x H96cm
£999 (plus delivery)
Leather recliner sofa
Leighton Recliner Armchair
A comfy single-seater with reclining action.
W96 x D91 x H96cm
£699 (plus delivery)

The important elements that you come into contact with are covered in luxury real leather while the sides and backs (that don’t have to endure a lot of wear) are covered with faux leather which, at first sight, is hard to distinguish from the real thing.

The style is contemporary with lots of padding for extra comfort and each option is available in chocolate brown or black.

The Leighton Leather Sofas & Armchairs range by Violino also includes a 3-seater recliner. Each option is available with a either manual or power-assisted mechanism.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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