Dunelm Bergen Modular Sofa Range

Indigo fabric modular sofa
Dunelm Bergen Modular Sofa Range

Have you ever loved the idea of a corner sofa but been unable to find one to fit your home, or wanted a seating option which can easy be configured into an extra bed when guests come to stay?

The Dunelm Bergen Modular Sofa range is built entirely from individual blocks, which are fully padded across the top to make a comfortable seat and can be paired with either a triangular or a cylindrical bolster cushion to create the backrest of your dreams.

Bergen Low Seat SectionW75 × D75 × H38 cm£170
Bergen Triangular BolsterW22 × D67 × H28 cm£55
Bergen Round BolsterW25 × D65 × H25 cm£55

The beauty of these modular sofa blocks is that you can own as few or as many as you like, configuring and arranging them in such a way to really optimise your use of floor space and present the seating or extra bedding option that you need. READ MORE…

And with two different coloured fabric finishes available, you can choose from a bold indigo blue which works well in a traditional or more eclectic home, or from a soft mushroom grey which is perfect for a modern home (especially with accent and colourful cushions added to finish the entire look).

These modular sofa blocks are built to present an angular and complete cube shape, with the structure reaching the floor so that the feet are hidden from view.

The bolster cushions can be looped onto the sofa blocks for a stable and secure finish, allowing you to relax into your sofa with ease.

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