Dax Fabric Sofa Bed

Charcoal fabric sofa bed
Dax Fabric Sofa Bed
W180 × D92× H77 cm
£229 plus delivery
If you’re dressing a modern and minimalist home and find yourself on the hunt for a versatile but stylish sofa, then why not opt for a sofa which instantly transforms into a bed for guests?

A great way to use your living room space, particularly in a home with no extra bedrooms, the Dax fabric sofa bed benefits from one straight cushion across the seat and enough across the extent of the backrest, meaning that guests can lie down across the extent of the sofa bed without falling into the cracks between sofa cushions. Read more…

Built for maximum comfort, the cushions on this sofa bed are as soft but supportive as a real mattress, with the button detailing adding aesthetic interest without impacting the comfort as you lie across the structure.

The extension of the metal framing behind the backrest means that when you lie the backrest down it is fully supported, with the frame finished in a black colour to compliment the dark grey or navy blue finish of the fabric.

With space for at least two guests when sitting upright as a sofa, this sofa becomes a double bed which is perfect for guests, with space beneath the base for extra storage in a smaller home. The furnishing you didn’t know you needed!

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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