Curved Leather Sofas

Curved snuggle sofa with tan leather finish
Curved Leather Snuggler, Sellvagio Cognac
W130 × D91 × H84 cm
All too often we see homeowners avoiding leather sofas because they perceive them to be outdated and overly formal for a modern living space.

However, as this collection proves, leather sofas can still benefit from a contemporary structure and deliberately vibrant colour scheme – with these sofas built using curved edges and a sunken seat which instantly invites the user to relax back into the seat. READ MORE…

Available in a wide series of colours, the leather used in the construction of these sofas is entirely natural which means that each sofa has its own unique characteristics and unique points in terms of colour variation and natural patterning.

The use of natural leather, while not for everyone in terms of buyer preference, also exudes an unmatchable soft texture and supple finish to the touch.

The collection, which includes a small snuggle sofa model or a larger model with room for 2-3 seats, mixes the curved shape of the sofa with a sweeping arm rest line which becomes part of the circular backrest and really creates that feeling of being cocooned inside the chair.

Sat on four wooden legs, this collection of sofa ticks every box in terms of modern style and comfort – with the wide collection of colours inviting you to find your perfect match.

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