Button Chaise Sofas

Opulent, oversized, and luxurious, these Button Chaise sofas combine an armchair vibe with the extra size of a chaise longue – turning them into the perfect feature for a bedroom, living space, or hallway. READ MORE…

Finished in a forest green or a vibrant blue, both of which boast a soft touch velvet fabric, this furnishing is made for those open spaces – creating a homely, welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing vibe. And the selling points don’t end there.

As an oversized chaise longue, this furnishing is made for lounging – with the plump velvet cushions presenting a high level of comfort which is complimented by its low level finish and the addition of an armrest down one side.

The button detailing at the back is a largely aesthetic addition which serves to support the traditional finish of the four wooden legs which hold the structure in place.

As a feature furnishing, these chaise sofas are both highly decorative and comfortable to use – with the two statement colours making them a fun and playful addition to a traditional or more modern home.

And if you’re dressing a smaller space and want to make it appear bigger and brighter, setting this chaise sofa into a corner near a natural light source will infuse colour into your space without taking up too much room.

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