Xander Living Room Storage

White gloss coffee table, TV unit and sideboard
Xander White gloss coffee table, TV unit and sideboard
Available in white, grey and black

Finding storage for your living room can be difficult – but with so many electronic devices, technology tools, remotes, and other lifestyle pieces needing a home when they’re not being used, storage most certainly deserves a place at the top of your list.

White gloss storage coffee table
Xander High Gloss Coffee Table
W108 × D65 × H40 cm
£169 plus delivery
White gloss tV stand with illuminated shelves
Xander TV Stand with LED Lights – fits up to 55 inch TV
W120 × D42 × H45 cm
£159 plus delivery
White gloss sideboard with illuminated drawers
Xander Large High Gloss Sideboard with LED Lights
W120 × D42 × H80 cm
£229 plus delivery
The Xander living room storage collection is not only sleek and minimalist in design, but it provides a large and stable enough surface to support and hold your television and other usable technology boxes – presenting a safe home for you to store everything relating to your regular entertainment, with plenty of shelf space and additional concealed space for anything else you need to find a home for. READ MORE…

Finished in a solid gloss coating, with a reflective sheen and innovative markings and edges, each of the pieces in this collection ticks a different box in terms of living room storage – with the coffee table boasting open shelving and concealed drawers, while the television stands and sideboard blend built-in lighting with a simple and stylish construction.

Whether your living space is bright and open, or filled with eclectic colours and a cosy vibe, these living room storage solutions each offer their own advantages and can just as easily become a focal point in your home as they can blend into the surroundings of your living space.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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