Loren Mirrored Furniture

Black living room furniture with mirrored doors
Loren Living Room Furniture

In true art deco fashion, the Loren mirrored furniture collection blends the pure black structure of each piece with the mirrored exterior attached to each drawer – instantly elevating the amount of light in a room while also tapping into the modern affinity for black and monochrome styling.

Wide black TV unit with 2 mirrored doors
Loren Mirrored Wide TV Unit
W145 × D40 × H51 cm
Black sideboard unit with mirrored doors
Loren Mirrored Small Sideboard
W76 × D40 × H100 cm
Black sideboard unit with mirrored doors and drawers
Loren Mirrored Large Sideboard
W145 × D40 × H67 cm
In a move which is both luxurious and highly decorative, the mirror fronting on each piece in this collection is smoked with a slightly darkened aesthetic – meaning that the overall piece has a very elegant and mysterious feel about it. Perfect for a super modern and highly stylish living room. READ MORE…

One of the most interesting things about this collection is the way that the mirrored panels are presented on different drawers and cabinets – with the mix of vertical and horizontal panels cutting into the reflective surface and not only changing the presentation of each piece but also altering the way that light is reflected off of the surfaces.

With a pure black interior, simple black handles on each door or drawer, and the thin legs holding the furnishings stable, this is a collection which is built on minimalism and a lack of colour – oozing sophistication no matter what the surrounding environment has to offer.

The living room collection includes both the TV unit and sideboard – perfect for any sized home.

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