Swoon Aero Shelving

The stunning asymmetric shapes created by the shelving design of this Aero unit make it a real item of beauty. These shelves are created one at a time by skilled craftsmen for Swoon, no shelf will be completely identical ensuring that you have a unique piece of storage furniture in your living room.

Brass finish shelving unit
Swoon Aero Shelving Unit
W60 × D30 × H195 cm
£429 plus delivery
Large shelving unit with brass finish
Swoon Aero Large Shelving Unit
W90 × D30 × H195 cm
£549 plus delivery
This is elegant space on which to house your most precious treasures and give them a platform that shows how much they are prized. With this dramatic set of shelves, you are making a statement, one that proves you have great taste! READ MORE…

This is an eye-catching unit that will impress your visitors as soon as they see it and have them wondering how much it cost you, just don’t tell them!

Created with a brass powder coated steel frame this is a stable piece of furniture. It’s built to withstand a considerable weight and is supplied with an anti-tip kit to ensure there is no risk of tipping on uneven floors.

There are five shelves giving you a vast amount of space to store objects or books.

This space is certainly enough to hold a nice sized library although the drama of the Aero is created by the open framework and being able to see through to the back supports, it shows off small collections and single items to perfection.

Looks amazing in a living room but would look equally at home in a dining room showing off your glasses, or in a home working area keeping your filing tidy.

This superb storage unit comes in two sizes. A slimline version of 60cm width to fit into smaller, or slightly awkward, spaces and a wider version of 90cm.

Both are made to the same level of quality and precision; both will give you that WOW factor!

Not bad for a storage unit!

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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