Norell Collection

3-tier black ash tv stand
Norell TV Unit
W160 × D40 × H61 cm
5-tier oak shelving unit
Norell Shelving Unit
W90 × D38 × H181 cm
4-tier black ash shelving unit
Norell Low Shelving Unit
W140 × D38 × H115 cm
5 tier oak room divider/storage unit
Norell Wide Shelving Unit
W160 × D38 × H181 cm
Have you ever searched for a unit, bookshelf, or storage case for your home but found that every option on the market is simply too solid for a modern home?

With so many homeowners and interior designers now seeking natural light and brighter decorative solutions, the Norell collection provides a way of enhancing and optimising your storage space without impacting the flow of natural light or the journey through your space. READ MORE…

With a TV unit and three different shelving units all contained within the collection, the main selling point of these furnishings is the open ended shelves which allow you to access them from both sides – making them the perfect way to break up a large room by placing them in a central location, or else place them against a wall while allowing the paint or wallpaper in the space come through the open back.

Small details and design choices add to the finished look of each unit and furnishing, with the overhanging shelves creating the effect that each unit has simply been sliced from a long line of shelves.

Far from presenting a messy or unfinished look, this detail adds to the slightly rustic charm of the furnishings, which compliment both a modern and more eclectic space seamlessly.

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