Fowler Collection

Grey sideboard unit with coloured compartments
Fowler Low Shelving Unit
W160 × D35 × H80 cm
Tall grey storage unit with coloured compartments
Fowler Tall Storage Unit
W80 × D35 × H142 cm
Large grey storage unit with coloured compartments
Fowler Large Shelving Unit
W160 × D35 × H142 cm
If it’s playful designs and vibrant furnishings you’re looking for, then look no further than the Fowler collection. Designed and built for living rooms, bedroom, home offices, children’s playrooms, and everything in between, this collection takes the concept of block colours and places it literally at the heart of every item – with two different sized shelving units and one tall storage unit on offer. READ MORE…

To look at each piece in this collection, you could be forgiven for thinking you have stumbled across an oversized game of Tetris.

However, it is the colour blocks on each shelf at different intervals which adds the aesthetic interest and detail – and best of all, each of the coloured blocks actually opens up to reveal a self-contained storage box for all your prized possessions.

Proof that cupboards and shelving can and do mix well, and that the two don’t have to be done in a boring and standard way, the Fowler collection is available in a couple of different colour palettes – one multicolour with blues, yellow and grey, while the other has a softer aesthetic in its oak, mint green and white finish.

And it’s not just the look that matters. Consideration has been put into the design and finish of each and every storage compartment, with a magnetic catch holding each cabinet door shut and ensuring that you benefit from optimum security and privacy.

A vibrant and playful addition to any home, which really will make tidying more fun.

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