west elm Metalised Glass USB Table Lamp

In the modern world where technology not only supports but has become integrated into our everyday activities, this lamp is a table-top solution which ticks a multitude of boxes – not only offering light and style to the surrounding space, but also featuring a USB plug in charging point.

All in all, there are three separate styling features included in the design and build of this table lamp, with the linen fabric lamp shade secured atop the glass blown structure and the metal base for optimum safety and security.

Available in three different designs, the linen shade is always kept in a light and bright colour to maximise the amount of light given off by the item – while the colour of the glass structure changes across each design.

The blend of materials used in the creation of this table lamp gives it an opulent and elegant finish – something which suits a modern and contemporary home just as well as it compliments an art deco and more vibrant home style.

On top of the design itself, the addition of a USB port and the base-mounted push switch for working the light elevates the usability of this lamp and makes it the perfect accessory for an at-home desk, a sideboard in your living room, a bedside table, and even a space in your kitchen.

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