Marrakech Lamps

Made famous by Marrakech markets and Asian fusion interior design trends, Marrakech lamps are a refined and incredibly elegant form of home décor, which combines a side or table lamp with a detailed and intricately cut out design – causing the light to shine in an ever-changing pattern on the surrounding surfaces.

Lantern-style table lamp with antique brass finish
Small Marrakech Lamp
H36 × Dia.30 cm
Large lantern floor lamp with brass finish
Large Marrakesh Floor Lamp
H55 × Dia.42 cm
Lantern-style pendant ceiling light
Antique Brass Marrakesh Pendant
H75 × Dia.55 cm

A Marrakech lamp can be placed anywhere in your home and is best suited to open plan spaces where its intricacy can really be allowed to shine. Read more…

With a floor lamp and table lamp version as well as a hanging ceiling light available, this collection really demonstrates how versatile this style of highly ornate décor can be – particularly amid the setting of a modern home where minimalism fills the majority of the space.

The beauty of a Marrakech lamp can be appreciated at all times, however it’s only when the light is switched on that it really comes to life. As the light shines out from within the structure of the lamp, the cut out patterns and details surround the space and fill the room – emanating a decorative finish on your surfaces, walls, and floors.

A perfect addition to a modern home in need of a little life, with the texture of the gold metal lamp juxtaposing the angular lines of modern living with ease.

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