Grisewood Table Lamps

Small antique style table lamp - brown
Mini Grisewood Wireless Lamp and Shade – Brown
W18 × D11 × H36 cm
Green and brass small antique-style table lamp
Mini Grisewood Wireless Lamp and Shade – Dark Green
W18 × D11 × H36 cm
Brown antique-style lamp
Grisewood Lamp & Shade – Brown
W31 × D20 × H42 cm
Petrol blue antique-style table lamp
Grisewood Lamp & Shade – Petrol
W31 × D20 × H42 cm

It’s easy to view your light fittings as a primarily functional asset, delivering light where and when you need it across both living spaces and personal work rooms or bedrooms. However, we are seeing an increase in light fittings which are as decorative as they are practical, bridging the desire for modern simplicity with unique materials and colour tones. Read more…

The Grisewood collection of table lamps embraces the simplicity of modern living with an almost classic and very traditional structure – boasting a tiered base, rounded connector between the lamp stem and its base, and a classic angled shade which helps to direct the flow of light.

With each size of this table lamp built using the same black and gold colour palette, it follows that this collection has been designed with art deco styling in mind.

The use of gold lifts the aesthetic presentation of the lamp and reflects the light subtly – warming up the surrounding space with ease.

You will notice that the top of the shade is capped with a lid, marking a shift away from the classic lamp shades with open tops to maximise the flow of light.

This lid serves to control the direction of the beams of light, directing them down onto the surface and creating a softer, more subtle glow.

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