Baroque Chandelier

The Baroque chandelier ceiling light is a light accessory which is not afraid to showcase its intricate detail and ornate structure…

Crystal chandelier
Baroque Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Light
H43 × Dia.43 cm
Crystal chandelier-style ceiling shade
Baroque Easy-to-Fit Ceiling Shade
H29 × Dia.26 cm

Boasting a rounded shape with drop crystals adorning every part of the frame, the bulbs are fitted inside the sphere – with the surrounding crystals altering the spread of light away from the bulbs and dispersing the light in all direction. Read more…

While a standard fabric lampshade will tend to dull the movement of light and fix it in one set direction, the Baroque chandelier uses lots of crystals to reflect and disperse the light throughout the space, interacting with natural light and different surfaces to create a unique and often playful aesthetic.

Available in a number of colour palettes, including the clear and blue crystal chandelier and a richer model with slate grey crystals for added depth, this ceiling light is extremely easy to install and fit as part of your existing light system.

Not only does it immediately make your home or interior space feel more elegant and refined, but the effortless ease of installation and the enhancement of your light source as a decorative feature makes it the perfect addition to a modern and minimalist home.

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