Granger Larder Unit

Oak larder unit
Granger Kitchen Larder Unit
W110 × D55 × H190 cm
£1,699 plus delivery
Oak larder unit internal view
Internal shelving, 4 baskets, door shelves and a drawer

A kitchen with a larder is up there as one of the most coveted requests in the design and build of a modern kitchen – but what do you do when you simply don’t have space for a separate room?

You invest in the Granger larder unit, complete with ample space, plenty of storage solutions, and a super stylish and aesthetically pleasing exterior which fits seamlessly into any kitchen. READ MORE…

The beauty of a wooden unit or additional furnishing is that it can be dressed to look super modern or rustic and traditional, with the natural wood finish of this piece holding wear and tear extremely well and adding an impressive statement to your kitchen.

As soon as you open the main doors of the larder unit, you find yourself faced with endless racks built into the insides of the doors, perfect for spices and herbs. In the main space, open shelves are juxtaposed against closed baskets, perfect for hiding all your secret treats or storing potatoes and other food items which need to be kept in the dark.

On the outside of the unit, three more drawer spaces add to the storage capacity of the overall unit, all built onto four stable and thick wooden legs which hold your larder unit in place and ensure it is reliable and long lasting on any surface.

Make cooking easier by always having everything to hand – with the Granger Larder unit your new kitchen best friend.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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