Kid’s Storage Units – Which are Best?

Keeping on top of your kid’s clutter can be a thankless task, and one you never really seem to get on top of. There are loads of storage solutions out there, of course, but which should you invest in?

Cheap Kid’s Storage Units

So you don’t have a lot of money to play with or maybe you just don’t think there is any point in spending a fortune on units that will be only used for a few years. Either way, which should you go for?

6 bin storage units come in a good range of colours and designs suitable for both boys and girls. The free-standing units, usually with a wood frame, hold removable canvas fabric storage bins they can use for storing all manner of toys, games and books.

Multi-colour 6 bin storage unit
Bebe Style Children Sized Storage Unit
Bright and colourful units with a Crayon theme come in 3 styles: Blue, Green & Pink, complete with canvas storage bins.
They’re a best-seller on and it’s no surprise.
Blue and white dinosaur themed storage units
Dinosaurs Kids Bedroom Storage Unit with 6 Bins
Blue and white unit with 6 canvas storage bins. W63 × D30 × H60 cm
Available from
Pink floral 6 bin storage units
6-Bin Storage Unit – Floral
A white and pink floral print frame with 6 canvas pink patterned storage boxes.
Available from

Medium Priced Units

As you move up the price-scale you do get a few more options. The temptation here, often, is to find a kind of unit you like and then look for a cheap version of it.

This is usually a false economy though because there is some real junk out there. The most popular mid-priced units are popular for a reason and it isn’t because they’re the cheapest.

Cube Storage Units: not quite so cheap but more of a proper furniture type option. Again, you’ll find a lot of variations on the same theme but 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 seem to be the most popular.

Some units also incorporate cupboard doors although most are designed to be used with separate storage bins of baskets. These are the most versatile option although the extra cost of baskets makes a big difference.

Cube storage units
Vertbaudet Storage Units
A collection of cube based units with accessories including doors and storage baskets.

The units come in white or grey with sizes ranging from a double up to a 6-box stepped unit. Doors come in a range of colours and patterned storage baskets are also available from

Storage Benches are not an obvious choice but a useful way of adding some organisation to their room without it taking over all of the available space.

There are versions of these benches with open spaces that you have to buy baskets for but some, like this, come with storage drawers included – which makes them a lot better value for money.

Storage bench with grey cushion and 3 canvas storage baskets
Abbeville Storage Bench
Perfectly sized for a kid’s room with a range of storage baskets in various designs.
Available from

Blow the Budget Options

You might not expect to pay so much for kid’s storage units but, over the long term, it can make sense to invest in one of the premium storage ranges, especially if your family is still growing and you anticipate adding more units later on.

4 cube unit with grey doors
Stompa Storage Units
Part of the ‘Uno S’ children’s furniture range, these modular units are available as individual pieces or in packaged sets.

Prices start at £70 for a single cube, the multi-cube unit is £130 and the doors, which come in a range of colours, are £35 a pair. There’s also wardrobe and door units as well as matching beds. All available from

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