Canopy Garden Single Chair Pod

Woven can pod chair with white cushions
Woven cane pod chair - rear view
Canopy Garden Single Chair Pod
If you’ve ever seen a chair pod on your holiday or on the adverts of luxury resorts and added one to your wish list, now is your chance to bring one home for good.
The Canopy Garden Single chair pod is the epitome of luxury, carefully designed and styled so that it looks just as good in a wild garden as it does on a refined patio or an elegant deck-laid outdoor space. READ MORE…

The pod shape of the chair is made from a woven rattan style of material which has the exotic look of bamboo and manages to make the chair feel comfortable and private but without entirely blocking the sunshine.

The end result is a chair which is welcoming and makes you want to relax but is also well lit with natural light for reading or relaxing with a cocktail.

The shape of the seat itself is more like a bed than a simple chair – with the surrounding cushions and thick seat cushion really making this chair as comfortable as it looks.

Underneath the rattan design is a lightweight aluminium frame for optimum durability, ensuring that this chair can withstand the elements, adverse weather conditions, and wear and tear.

The cushions are also waterproof and can be easily cleaned when required – making them suitable for year round use.

W112 × D102 × H144 cm

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