Swoon Gilbert Cabinet & Sideboard

Dark wood cabinet with brass swirl pattern doors
The Swoon Gilbert collection is as luxurious and elegant as it sounds – boasting two products designed to make a statement in the living space of any home
Acacia wood cabinet with brass coloured, swirl pattern doors
Swoon Gilbert Storage Cabinet
W75 × D42 × H90 cm
Wide accaia wood cabinet with brass swirl pattern doors
Swoon Gilbert TV Stand
W90 × D40 × H42 cm
2-door drinks cabinet with gold, circle pattern doors mounted on tall spindle legs
Swoon Gilbert Bar Cabinet
Mounted upon tall spindle legs, this 2-door bar cabinet contains an array of shelving and storage to make entertaining at home a breeze
W75 × D45 × H145 cm

With a storage cabinet and TV stand available, living room storage has never been so stylish, as the Swoon Gilbert collection combines the simple beauty of acacia dark wood with the opulent and luxurious finish of brass coated doors. Read more…

The addition of a circular pattern which covers the doors, draws attention to the centre and turns both items into a focal point for your space – using complimentary textures and materials to add refined modern artistic style to your home.

In terms of the structure and actual build of both pieces, the frame is simple – with a single acacia wood framed box sitting atop four thin legs in an art deco kind of interior style. The acacia frame has been finished with a walnut dark wood colour to really let the natural designs of the wood pop, while the addition of a brass clad frontage on the doors creates that unique and design focussed finish – again, playing into the art deco kind of interior vibe.

The inside of the TV stand benefits from a shelf to separate the storage space into two layers, with the same use of space inside the storage cabinet – though the latter presents a greater use of space due to its size and structure.

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