Louvre Sideboard with 6 Drawers & Pull-Out Desk

Oak sideboard with pull-out desk
6-drawer oak sideboard with pull-out desk top
Louvre Sideboard with Pull-Out Desk
W110 × D44 × H81 cm
This sideboard may look simple and non-invasive from the outside, but when you immerse yourself in the design features and structural details of the furnishing you will realise that this particular piece has been built for a variety of uses. Read more…

With six drawers of an equal size and depth taking up most of the storage space, you will notice that the top strip of wood conceals a lot more than just a drawer – instead pulling out the entire top surface so that it hangs over the main body of the sideboard and transforms it into a desk which you can comfortably sit at and use every day.

A great option for those homes with limited space or rooms which you want to turn into a home office and storage space at the same time, this sideboard is built to last with its wood effect material – with each drawer boasting an overlap in wooden slats to create non-invasive and subtle drawer handles which don’t impact your ability to sit in front of the piece.

The top desk surface has been finished with a monotone grey finish which blocks light and adds a modern look to the piece, before it is moved forward to reveal the concealed desk storage beneath.

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