Livorno Collection

2-door cabinet with woven seagrass doors
Livorno Highboard
W100 × D46 × H111 cm
Sideboard with woven seagrass doors
Livorno Sideboard
W160 × D46 × H73 cm
TV stand with woven seagrass doors and drawer
Livorno Wide Media Unit
W180 × D46 × H56 cm
When standard wood furniture, lacquered finishes, and one-dimensional colours feel too bland for your home, why not explore something a little different – featuring innovative textures and a combination of stylistic influences to deliver a look which is standout but made to integrate perfectly into a modern home. READ MORE…

The Livorno collection combines a washed pine structure with unique woven seagrass frontage in the form of cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

With the authentic seagrass woven into a scratched design, with angular lines and geometric shapes becoming apparent when you look at the frontage from a distance, each piece in the Livorno collection feels like it belongs in a luxurious coastal resort – but without ever detracting from the clean lines of the furniture’s complete structure.

The slim legs and large interior storage space is consistent across all three items in the collection, which boasts a sideboard, a cabinet / chest of drawers, and a TV unit with built in open and closed space.

As a stylistic feature, working each of these items into your home décor scheme requires a balance of natural materials and soft, neutral colours.

Why not juxtapose the natural seagrass finish with clean white spaces; or alternatively compliment the washed pine structure with other natural influences and textures.

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