Velvet Crush

Velvet is all the rage at the moment and the trend for velvet upholstered sofas and beds looks like it’s going to maintain some momentum for a while yet. But the danger is that you invest all your cash in furniture that has to survive long after the fashion has faded, no matter how enduring the trend may seem at the time?

You can, however, satisfy your velvet crush without breaking your budget by incorporating a few choice accessories into your current bedroom or living room decor. Cushions, throws, bed linen and small furniture items need not cost a lot but can easily transform a tired-looking room with not a lot of effort.

Pink velvet bedspread
A luxurious pink crushed velvet throw with matching duvet set, curtains and a cushion.

Recreate this look with a duvet cover set, crushed velvet throw, eyelet curtains and a filled-cushion from

Silver velvet duvet set
Bring a touch of glamour to your bedroom with this silver velvet bedding set.

A silver velvet theme is easy to create with this Heidi Ombre Velvet Duvet Cover Set from Silver wallpaper on a feature wall and dashes of contrasting pink complete the look.

Navy plush velvet throw
A plush velvet throw is a versatile solution in the bedroom or living room.

Is there any item more versatile than a throw to bring colour to a room? This plush velvet option comes in 9 colours and is available from

Spruce coloured cushion
Spruce coloured velvet cushion juxtaposed with pattern.

You can’t go wrong with scatter cushions and this dark spruce example is one of 12 colour choices available, from

Velvet covered lamp shades
Velvet covered cylinder light shades, available in 5 colours.

Lighting is an effective element which is easily overlooked but, pound for pound, can be the most effective. These velvet covered light shades come in 3 sizes, and a choice of colours, from

You can, of course, spend a fortune on velvet upholstered furniture if you really want to. But, hopefully, I’ve given you a few ideas how you can incorporate a velvet theme without going overboard in the finance department?

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