Toulouse Storage Furniture

3-drawer washed-oak unit with rattan panel front
Toulouse 3 Drawer Cabinet
The smallest unit with a pair of half-width and one full-width drawer.
W60 × D33× H54 cm
£199 plus delivery
Washed oak cabinet with one door and 3 shelves
Toulouse Display Cabinet
Features a single cupboard space with an internal shelf plus a set of three open shelves.
W60 × D30× H64 cm
£199 plus delivery
Washed oak and rattan cabinet with 2 doors and 2 drawers
Toulouse Sideboard
An everyday storage solution with a pair of cupboard spaces and two drawers.
W75 × D37× H84 cm
£379 plus delivery
Washed oak TV unit with 2 rattan panel doors
Toulouse 2 Door TV Unit
Open shelf space, two handy cupboards, cable access at the back and a wide top for the TV.
W111 × D41× H60 cm
£399 plus delivery
Washed oak console table with 2 rattan front drawers
Toulouse 2 Drawer Desk
A console table or desk with a pair of rattan panel drawers.
W104 × D44× H83 cm
£299 plus delivery
At first glance these pieces look rustic and a little unfinished, but as you integrate them into your living space – whether it’s light and neutral, or dark and cosy – you will realise that the whitewash framing and rattan finish actually serves to give your home a modern and highly textured look. Read more…

Made from a lightweight wood alternative which is given the full oak-surfaced treatment, the natural patterns of the wood are brought to life with the wash which sits over the top of the material surface – drawing more attention and giving each piece that imperfect look which is so on trend in contemporary and rustic living.

The use of a rattan styled front board for the cupboards takes this one step further, adding a new texture which again juxtaposes the clear and angular edges of modern living but in a way which compliments rather than fights against modern style.

The frame and structure of each piece is built to be used and to provide adequate storage depending on your ideal use for the piece. In total the collection boasts five different units – three of which work well as living room sideboards while the fourth is an ideal TV unit and the last works well as either a desk or an additional surface in a hallway or dining area.

The same whitewashed and rustic finish has been applied to the legs of the items, ensuring consistency and making each piece a standalone feature of its own.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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