Skylar Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Mirrored bedside
Add elegance to your bedroom with the Skylar mirrored bedroom furniture collection, with reflective surfaces which not only direct natural light back into and around your interior space, but which present an aesthetic finish which compliments any existing surrounding and furnishings…
2-drawer mirrored bedside table
Skylar Bedside Table
W50 × D40 × H56 cm
Mirrored 3-drawer chest
Skylar 3 Drawer Chest
W85 × D45 × H80 cm
Mirrored dressing table and matching stool
Skylar Dressing Table & Stool
W108 × D40 × H78 cm

The Skylar mirrored bedroom collection includes a number of items which are constructed from reflective surfaces, making them easy to integrate into your existing surroundings – injecting a modern vibe into the space. Read more…

A great way of making smaller bedrooms feel lighter and brighter, one of the reasons why so many homeowners choose reflective and mirrored furnishings is the ability of these pieces to reflect light back into the space – instantly making a room feel bigger.

Similarly, the mirrored surface offers a timeless aesthetic which compliments and works with any and every interior style.

The Skylar mirrored furniture collection includes a number of items, with homeowners able to select their favourite or invest in all of them to create a cohesive bedroom space.

These items include a bedside table, dressing table, and set of drawers – all with the same overall shape, design, and mirrored detailing. All you need now is a room that’s worthy of reflecting!

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