Sawn Bedroom Furniture

Oak bed frame with metal base and rough-sawn headboard
Sawn Bed Frame, King Size
W162 × D208 × H97 cm
3-drawer oak bedside chest with rough sawn fronts
Sawn Bedside Table
W45 × D40 × H59 cm
4-drawer oak chest with rough-sawn effect finish
Sawn 4 Drawer Chest
W95 × D45 × H101 cm
6-drawer oak chest
Sawn 6 Drawer Chest
W160 × D45 × H81 cm

With the most popular modern home styling featuring a blend of soft neutrals and industrial material finishes, the Sawn bedroom furniture collection is perfect for any size and style of home – introducing oak-finish frames with added metal details for a refined and polished aesthetic. READ MORE…

Each piece, from the bed itself through to the selection of different drawers and dressers, celebrates the natural design and pattern of the wood – giving each piece a buffer which brings out the lines and detailing of the wood.

Every piece in the Sawn furniture collection is built to last and has durability and functionality at the heart of the design – with the mix of natural wood and MDF meaning that every drawer is accessible and easy to open, and that the frames and structures are strong and reliable after years of use.

We particularly like the way the drawers are constructed differently across the drawer chest pieces, ranging from the short-framed drawers in the bedside table to the wide and expansive drawers in the 6-drawer centrepiece.

No matter which piece you opt for, storage is of the essence, enabling users to optimise the way they can use each item without the need for surrounding clutter.

This, on top of the material finish and natural colour scheme, is what makes each piece in the Sawn bedroom furniture collection perfect for modern living.

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