Prague Gloss Bedroom Furniture

Grey gloss bedroom furniture
Praque Gloss
Ultra modern wardrobes and drawer chests with a gloss finish and silver-coloured bar handles. Available in grey, white and black.

When it comes to furnishing and dressing a bedroom, finding the right mix of furniture requires a balance of aesthetic style, layout, and functionality.

The Prague Gloss bedroom furniture collection boasts a futuristic look with glossy material surfaces, integrated mirrors, and a series of refined and structured silver handles which add to the stylish and modern appearance of each piece.

Inside the Prague 3-door wardrobe
Prague Gloss 3 Door Mirrored Wardrobe
A double and single hanging space with 3 rails and 3 shelves.
W121 × D53 × H199 cm
£299 plus delivery
Inside storage of the Prague 4-door wardrobe
Prague Gloss 4-Door Mirrored Wardrobe
One double and two single hanging spaces with 3 shelves and a set of 3 wide drawers.
W161 × D53 × H199 cm
£429 plus delivery
Internal storage space of the Prague 6-door wardrobe
Prague Gloss 6 Door Mirrored Wardrobe
A pair of double hanging spaces with 3 rails plus a total of 5 internal shelves.
W240 × D53 × H199 cm
£499 plus delivery
Gloss finish 3-drawer bedside chest
Prague Gloss 3 Drawer Bedside Chest
W37 × D37 × H58 cm
£169 plus delivery
Grey gloss 5 drawer chest with bar handles
Prague Gloss 5 Drawer Chest – Grey
W69 × D40 × H90 cm
£179 plus delivery
Grey gloss combination chest with 5 wide and 5 narrow drawers
Prague 5 + 5 Wide Chest of Drawers – Grey Gloss
W103 × D40 × H90 cm
£249 plus delivery

The full collection includes a range of wardrobes in three different sizes, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect fitting for your bedroom space. Read more…

As well as the wardrobes, the collection boasts a set of drawers in two different styling options with varying drawers sizes, and a bedside table complete with small drawers for personal possessions.

From sizing through to accessibility, every piece in the collection is built around usability and giving users everything that they need from the furnishing – with the wardrobes each containing large full-length hanging space for dresses as well as shorter handing sections for shirts and jackets, and a series of other storage compartments for folded items and shoes.

On the inside, the wardrobes and drawers are all smooth and durable in terms of the build quality, with three exterior colours available depending on your interior design – a glossy grey, white, or black.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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