Mila Mirror Bedroom Furniture

Grey bedside unit with 2 mirrored drawers
Mila Mirror 2 Drawer Bedside
W72 × D37 × H78 cm
£289 plus delivery
Mirrored wardrobe and drawer chest
Mila Mirror Wardrobe & Drawer Chest
Wardrobe: W121 × D52 × H200 cm
Drawers: W72 × D37 × H78 cm
£289 & £499 plus delivery
Reflective and mirrored surfaces not only present a stylish and modern aesthetic in the home, but they reflect light and instantly make even the smallest of spaces look and feel bigger – making them the ideal solution for small bedrooms and those rooms which need an extra injection of light. Read more…

Simply designed, with mirror-fronted drawers and doors across each piece in the collection, this range of bedroom furnishings offers a practical addition to your space – with the chest of drawers and wardrobe doors doubling as mirrors for ease of use.

The slanted border around the edge of each mirror creates a change in the direction of any light reflected, while the solid grey body of each piece ensures that the furnishings are able to integrate seamlessly into any surrounding space.

Designed as a simple way to optimise storage space, the chest of drawers and wardrobe are both deep set and sturdy – while the bedside cabinet features two drawers for personal items.

The handles that are built into each piece are almost invisible in their presentation – set into the top of each drawer for easy accessibility without detracting from the overall aesthetic.

In addition, each drawer is set onto metal runners for ease of opening and closing, while the wardrobe doors are lightweight and smooth in their movement.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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