Forde Oak Sliding Wardrobe

Forde wardrobe internal storage
Internal storage includes a set of 5 x 60cm wide height-adjustable vertical shelves plus a 142cm wide horizontal shelf and hanging rail.

Finding a way to conceal and hide your clothing, while still allowing you to browse your possessions and select an outfit when you want to, is not easy. Short of having access to a walk in wardrobe, most homeowners find themselves struggling with limited wardrobe space and stacked chest of drawers – until now. READ MORE…

The Forde Oak Sliding Wardrobe combines standard hanging space with an assortment of shelves, all of which lies behind a sliding wardrobe door to ensure you benefit from a minimalist and perfectly organised exterior view.

With five vertical shelves running up one side of the structure, all entirely adjustable according to what you want to store, and a horizontal shelf running along the top of the hanging rail, the Forde Sliding wardrobe is the perfect go-to to keep your entire wardrobe well organised and contained – with the exterior benefitting from a natural wood or white finish.

And it doesn’t end there. The Forde wardrobe has a handful of drop lights built into the overhang at the top of the wardrobe, enabling the lights to shine down into the wardrobe and present easy access and a view of everything inside.

There is also a mirror mounted on the central panel of the exterior of the wardrobe, giving you storage and a full length mirror all in one bedroom product.

The perfect sturdy, stylish, and functional addition to your bedroom.

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