Fitzgerald Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Mirrored bedroom furniture
An infusion of art deco styling and the modern affinity for light and bright furnishings, the Fitzgerald mirrored bedroom furniture collection brings an instant stream of light into your space – with the reflective surfaces optimising both the natural and artificial light to great effect.
Mirrored bedside table
Fitzgerald Mirrored Nightstand
W35 × D40 × H66 cm
2-drawer mirrored bedside table
Fitzgerald Mirrored Bedside Table
W45 × D40 × H60 cm
3 plus 2 mirrored drawer chest
Fitzgerald Mirrored 5 Drawer Chest
W108 × D45 × H105 cm
Mirrored dressing table
Fitzgerald Mirrored Dressing Table
W100 × D40 × H79 cm
With wholly mirrored surfaces, complimented by the silver grey framing which borders each reflective panel, each piece in this collection presents a modern finish inspired by the shapes and patterns of the 1920 art deco era – perfect for any bedroom. READ MORE…

The full collection boasts a nightstand, bedside table, chest of drawers and a dressing table, with buyers advice being to match your selected items with the shape and size of your room.

A small bedroom can instantly and effortlessly be made lighter and brighter with the infusion of a single statement mirrored piece, while a larger space can be brought to life with a number of pieces from the collection.

No matter how many and which items you opt for, this collection is high maintenance but worth the upkeep, presenting a timeless aesthetic which is both playful and effortlessly stylish in any bedroom space.

Not to mention, you’ll never be short on mirrors in a home with the Fitzgerald bedroom furniture collection!

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