Erma Collection

Walnut double wardrobe
Erma Double Wardrobe
W99 × D55 × H185 cm
3-door walnut warddrobe
Erma Triple Wardrobe
W149 × D55 × H185 cm
2-drawer walnut bedside table
Erma Bedside Table
W60 × D45 × H59 cm
Slimline 4-drawer chest with a walnut finish
Erma 4 Drawer Chest
W78 × D45 × H104 cm
Wide walnut drawer chest
Erma Wide Drawer Chest
W152 × D45 × H81 cm
The bedroom furniture market is vast with endless colours, styles, designs, and finishes available for all manner of spaces. The Erma collection is designed to be as simple and non-invasive as possible, relying on a dark walnut wood to add a moody edge to your bedroom in contrast to the many light and neutral items on the modern market.

What this does, aside from standing out amid the light backdrop of a modern space, is create juxtaposition in your bedroom and turn it from a bland space into a room with layers and levels. READ MORE…

Made from walnut wood, each of the items in this collection are designed to last and offer high quality durability and accessibility – with the wardrobes, bedside table, and drawer chests all simple in their design and elegant in their shape.

One of the selling points of this particular collection is the way that the walnut wood is given its own spotlight in which to shine – creating aesthetic value in the natural pattern of the wood and using shapes and cut out panels to create handles rather than adding other materials and details to the structures.

Whether you integrate these pieces into a light and bright bedroom or create a warm and atmospheric space filled with dark wood and neutral shades, these furnishings inject quality into your home and not only look great but also provide plenty of storage space.

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