Carys Bedroom Furniture

Grey-painted drawer chests with carved pattern fronts
Cays Bedroom Range

Grey has become a go-to across modern interior design, with every shade of grey under the sun used in furnishings, soft accessories and wall colours throughout homes of all shapes and sizes. This bedroom furniture collection plays into that trend for grey home styling, but with an additional level of intricate detailing which quickly elevates each piece into becoming a modern home staple.

3-drawer bedside table with carve pattern drawer fronts
Carys 3 Drawer Bedside Table
W40 × D32 × H71 cm
Grey-painted 5-drawer tallboy chest with carved pattern drawer fronts
Carys 5 Drawer Tallboy
W45 × D35 × H115 cm
Grey-painted 4+3 drawer chest
Carys 7 Drawer Chest
W135 × D40 × H86 cm
Grey-painted 2-drawer desk
Carys Desk
W102 × D50 × H79 cm
3-drawer grey storage bench
Carys Storage Bench
W120 × D40 × H50 cm
Featuring a selection of chest of drawers products, a desk, and a bedside table, the full collection has one thing in common – the intricate cut out detail – but its frequency of use changes according to the individual product. READ MORE…

This allows you to select your favourite piece as a bedroom focal point or integrate the entire collection into your bedroom easily.

The detail itself juxtaposes the very basic and minimalist structure of the drawer sets, which boast a traditional structure, with a smooth and clean surface and surrounding base, plain brass handles, and plenty of space in each drawer for optimum storage.

Fusing class, elegance, and modern living together, the Carys collection is perfect for a modern or more eclectic bedroom – adding detail and decoration without introducing new and bold colours into the room.

On top of the decorative value of these items, each is built with a long-lasting structure, stable base to tick all your home safety boxes, and easy to open drawer for accessibility and functionality.

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